Patricia CHichmanovA

concept & design

Patricia Chichmanova is a french-swiss artist living in Russia since 1990

During an auction organised in Moscow, I wanted to create something useful, not the type that would sit on a shelf to dust or in a cardboard box. I remembered an old scarf that I owned which had propaganda on it from the 20s.

It’s boarders were ripped and I remembered thinking how much more beautiful it was now then it was when it was new.

I realised then that art on silk is valuable as it is not only something that can be worn for ever but also something that brings back forgotten memories.

In 2011 it was the birthday of the first man in space. Gargarin the best PR of the soviets in the 60s was to be treated like Hermes, the Greek God, and the french god of faubourg Saint Honore. 

The idea for this first Gagarine's scarf was bought about as a humouristic tribute to the gods of propaganda and fashion.


le globe - 67 boulevard Beaumarchais - Paris 11e

Since 2010, Our collections involve original creations in the  Russian theme series. Architecture, objects of every day life, heros and history.

New designs are printed every season. we print on atlas silk, then twill, coton, cashmere modal, coton &silk, wool & silk,  pure cashmere pashmina.

our scarves are in sholtai boltai shop in goum and historical moscow museum, and sold by carrés russes in moscow.

In 2015 we began new series on french theme and men collection.

printed in limited editions. 

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